We all know how important sunscreen is to our skin, but we often forget to protect our eyes from the same harmful UV rays. Like other glasses, sunglasses now come in even greater choices from traditional metals to magnetic sun clip-ons to high tech sports glasses. We have styles from Fossil, Guess, Invu, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Maui Jim, Nautica, Nike, Penguin, Vera Bradley, and more for boating, Sunglassesskiing, golf, fishing, biking, etc. Besides our great selection, we’re happy to custom order a pair with or without your prescription.  Since we are a licensed Maui Jim retailer we have access to their full line and can get the original Maui Jim tint in your prescription lenses too.

Remember any sun lens is only as good as its ability to filter UV light, which we know can increase the risk of early cataracts and macular degeneration. We stock only high-quality, full protection sunglasses. We even have a UV test meter in the office if you’d like to check your old favorites up against a new pair. Just remember, a dark lens that doesn’t block UV actually puts you at greater risk by letting the pupil dilate and letting in more UV than no tint at all. Children are at increased risk since UV penetrates their eyes easier and they are much less likely to wear protective lenses.  Transitions changeable tint lenses are an excellent choice for 100% protection. One study pointed out that we receive 75% of our lifetime exposure to the sun by age 18. Remember all those lazy, hazy days of summer? You can pick out styles from our special selection of children’s sunglasses with lenses you know you can trust.