Share the Care

Send your friends and family to us and you'll receive savings on your next pair of glasses or contact lenses as our thanks.  

We thank you for your patronage.  We strive to remain at the forefront of eye care technology.  It is not our philosophy to provide "supermarket eye care" or second-rate materials.  However, we believe you deserve to save some money as our thanks for telling your friends and family about us.

Receive the following when you send us a referral: 

One Patient:
Two Patients:
Three Patients:
Four Patients:
Five Patients:
Six Patients:
Seven Patients:


$20.00 off
$40.00 off
$60.00 off
$80.00 off
$100.00 off
$120.00 off
$140.00 off

We track your earnings. We'll send you verification of each new patient we see that was referred by you.  Each verification will indicate your current level of savings.

So send them on in. We'll make it worth your time!