Lens Designs

Single-Vision Lenses: Great all purpose glasses for simple prescriptions.  These are what most children and non-bifocal wearers will need and they focus light at all distances.

Computer/Special Use Lenses: Single vision lenses that are designed to give you vision at specific distances.   Ideal for computer users, musicians and others with special vision needs.

Progressive Addition Lenses (No-Line Bifocals): These lenses offer a more natural range of vision than bifocals, plus the cosmetic benefit of having no lines.  They provide clear, continuous vision from close-up reading to arm's length for computers to full distance. They are by far our most popular option for bifocal wearers.  There are also specialty office progressives that give an extra large computer area on the top instead of the full distance prescription.

Flat Top Bifocals: Traditional line bifocals that are good for reading and long distance tasks.  They are offered in various bifocal widths to accommodate many close-up jobs.

Flat Top Trifocals: A two-part bifocal segment that provides clear vision for reading, arm’s length and distance.  This lens has two distinct lines and is better for computer work than a traditional bifocal.