Our spacious optical area features over 800 high quality frames, ranging from fashion-forward to traditional styles, and includes an on-site lab.

Frames: T&C Eyecare has a large selection of frames. New fashion forward designs with trendy metals and plastics are available for adults, teens and children. We also carry a wide range of traditional and ultralight frames. Click here to discover our wide selection of eyewear.

Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays which can increase your chance of cataracts and macular degeneration. Click here to learn about stylish ways to protect your eyes for fashion, fun, and sports.


Sports Glasses: Sports eyewear has two main functions--improve your performance/ enjoyment of the sport and provide adequate safety protection for the only two eyes you have. Click here to find out more.



When you purchase eyewear from Town & Country Eyecare, you can be sure it is the finest quality available.  That's why we back our eyewear with a free one-year warranty.  If your frames or lenses break, under normal wearing conditions, we'll repair or replace them free.  We also include a one-time remake on any premium lens if scratched or chipped under normal use.


Many lens options exist to suit your lifestyle. Here is some easy-to-understand information to help you select the best lenses to serve your individual needs.

Lens Treatments: Before purchasing your eyewear, consider the advantage of each of our lens coatings.  Think of your glasses as a tool.  With the addition of proper coatings, this tool can perform well beyond simple vision correction, and actually enhance your day-to-day performance and appearance. Click here to learn about available treatments.

Lens Designs: Several types of lenses are available, depending on your needs. Click here to learn more about our offerings.

Lens Materials: Lenses are made from different materials to serve different purposes. Click here to find out what they are.



Of all the materials that lenses can be made of, polycarbonate is the most impact resistant.  Plastic or glass lenses are less impact-resistant and can break into sharp pieces that can cause serious injury to the eye, or even blindness.  Most frames are not designed for protection.

If your occupation or recreational activities expose you to flying objects or physical impacts, you may require sports goggles or safety glasses with side shields.  We recommend polycarbonate lenses for children under 18 years of age and for any adult who wants the safest lens material available.