Eyecare Services

Comprehensive Services: We provide comprehensive eye care services to the whole family. As a primary care provider we are equipped to handle the vast majority of vision and eye health problems for you. This includes annual exams for glasses and preventive care, all forms of contact lenses, urgent care of eye injuries and infections, refractive surgery co-management for LASIK, etc., and referral management of advanced eye disease requiring a sub-specialist. Our care extends beyond our office on a referral basis to include some of the best sub-specialty ophthalmologists in the country including The University of Michigan's Kellogg Eye Center and TLC-The Laser Center   

Eye Exams: We pride ourselves on one of the most thorough eye exams you'll find. The personalized care you will receive from Dr. Kirk and Dr. Crissman Head is our first priority.  Our exam includes an analysis of the prescription in your old glasses, computerized peripheral vision testing, automated measurement of the cornea and a digital photo of the inside of your eyes. These measurements insure an accurate eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions as well as a thorough check for any eye health concerns.

Exam Frequency Recommendation: The American Optometric Association recommends a child's first eye exam be at six months, then at 3 years and then when the child is 5-years old.  Children older than 5 should be seen yearly due to growth spurts causing changes in vision. Adults 18 years and older are seen every one to two years.  Generally patients over 40 are seen on an annual basis.  It is especially important to be seen annually if you wear contact lens or have a medical condition that could affect your eyes such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Eyewear: Many lens options exist to suit your lifestyle. Click here for easy-to-understand information to help you select the best lenses to serve your individual needs and to learn about our one-year warranty.

Contact Lenses: Modern contact lenses come in many varieties. Click here to learn more about the latest types.

LASIK: We work in conjunction with TLC - The Laser Center. Click here to learn more.