Contact Lenses

If you want to see clearly without glasses, contact lenses may be an excellent option for you. Today’s contact lenses come in virtually every prescription.  Depending on whether you need them for everyday use, sports activities or just to give your glasses the night off, our doctors will sit down and go through an evaluation and fitting process to select the appropriate lens.Contacts

There are two main categories of contact lenses, soft contact lenses (SCL) and rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP).  The advantages of SCL are that they are easy to adapt to since they are very comfortable and come in many disposable options such as daily, every two weeks or monthly.  The latest technology SCL are called “high oxygen” and they increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the eye by 400% compared with standard soft lenses.  This is achieved by incorporating silicone into the hydrogel material of the lens.  By comparison, RGP lens give very sharp vision and can correct high amounts of astigmatism while still being very healthy.  But they can take a little longer to adapt to and are more susceptible to dust and debris getting underneath the lens.

In each of these two categories of contact lenses are options to correct distance vision only, astigmatism or bifocal contact lenses to correct distance and reading.  Another common way of correcting bifocal vision is fitting the patient in “monovision”.  This means the dominant eye wears the distance prescription and other eye wears the reading prescription.  The visual system adapts by keying into the proper eye depending on what distance the patient is looking at.

Whether or not you need prescription correction, you can change your eye color with specialized contact lenses. Even if your new contacts don’t have a prescription, they will still need to be properly fitted and monitored to ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

At Town & Country Eyecare we take pride in our specialized contact lens services we offer.  If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, we take careful measurements and consideration in selecting the ideal lens for your needs.  Every new contact lens wearer goes through a contact lens training class in which you work one-on-one with our technician to learn lens insertion and removal and proper care and use.  With veteran contact lenses wearers the doctors will evaluate your present lenses and make sure that you are in the most up-to-date, comfortable lens for your prescription and activities.  Even if you have been told that you can’t wear contact lenses, come see one of our doctors for a second opinion.  It’s very rare that there isn’t a lens for a patient who really wants contacts.

Call our office today to schedule a contact lens evaluation or for further questions.